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Email Hosting
Connecting you professionally to your customers

Email Hosting In todays technological world, it is very important to have an email address that your customers can contact you.  Taking into account that an estimated 90% of the world is connected to the internet via email, the globe has now become local. As part of our annual hosting package you get professional email addresses for your business.

Three Level Security Protections on your Emails

Below you will see an illustration of the three security checkpoints your emails will go through in order to arrive in your mailbox. This new system will ensure that all the bad items remain out of your mailbox.

Email Protection

Norton Internet Security 2010

These filters are not designed as a complete replacement of your Internet Security Protection on your actual computer

Although these security features are done on a server level, this filtering is not designed as a complete replacement of an internet security program installed on your machine. Cork Web Design always recommends the latest annual version of “Norton Internet Security” which you can purchase online from Symantec

Email Features

Unlimited Email Addresses
Our server has no limits on the amount of email addresses you create. All your employees can have an official email address
Free Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filtering
Our server has a top of the range anti-spam and anti-virus filtering system to protect your mailbox from unwanted items.
Unlimited Catch All Email Addresses
If a customer miss-spells an email address for your website they will be captured in a net and redirected to the "info" mailbox.
Unlimited Email Forwarding
You can use this feature to send a copy to your phone, office, home etc. So you will always have access to your emails.
Mailing Lists
You can create a mailing list to send information and marketing to your subscriber lists.
Need to send a custom automatic message back to the sender the moment they send you an email.
Globally Accessible Webmail
Access your emails from anywhere in the world. This program will show you all new emails on the server waiting for download
Vacation Messages
Need to send a message saying you are out of the office until a specific date or time.


Questions about Email Hosting
What some of our customers have asked.