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Domain Registrations

Domain RegistrationsA domain name is a unique address that can be used on the Internet.  It’s what you see in the address bar after the “www.” in your web browser and it’s what comes after the @ sign in an email address. 

Domain names consist of two parts.  For example, in ”corkwebdesign.ie” the “.ie” represents what is known as the top level domain (TLD) and “corkwebdesign” represents the second level domain and is the actual name.
The same name, which can be up to 63 characters long, can be used with different TLDs, such as .com, .org and .net. There are also country specific Top Level Domains, such as .fr for France and .de for Germany.
When a domain name is used in a web address, ‘www’ is usually put in front of it to indicate that typing that name into your web browser will take you to a website. Domain name holders can set up a website with that address and also use it for email addresses. When you are a domain name holder you get to decide what is in front of the @-sign in the email address.

What type of domains can I register?

When choosing a domain name to register try and choose a domain name where all the extensions are available.  For example:  www.corkwebdesign.ie, www.corkwebdesign.com, www.corkwebdesign.net, etc.  And have all the domain names pointing at the one website "Cork Web Design".  This is common practice and a good capture net, because some customers will know the name of your company but will type the first domain extension they will think of .com, .ie, .net etc. 

By block registering all the domain extensions your customers will always find your website.  Also as your business expands you can utilise these domain extensions to target different geographical markets.

Domain Extension

Helpful Tip: Use Your Business Name

Use your business name, that is, of course, if it's available. If your company name is Cork Web Design, your domain should be "www.corkwebdesign.com".   That may seem obvious, but it's a point worth reiterating. Customers will automatically assume your domain is YourBusinessName.com and type it into a Web browser. If they can't find it that way, it will make it harder for them to find you.

Domain Registration

Always Choose a Domain where the .com is available

Having a .com at the end of your URL is not only expected for companies, it also indicates a degree of professionalism that extensions such as .org, us, .info, etc. don't carry.  Also people will naturally think of .com first before any other domain extension.   If available, you should register a ".ie" domain name because it will add a level of credibility to your website.

Keep it simple and easy to remember

Shorter names are easier to remember than longer ones.  It should roll off the tongue easily and be understood perfectly the first time you say it to a customer be it in person or over the phone. 


Register all Domain Extensions if Available

Extensions such as .net, .com, .co.uk, .ie etc should all be registered and re-directed to your website, so that if a customer types the first domain extension that comes into their mind then chances are they will find your website.  We can redirect all these domain extensions to your one website.  

This redirection feature is part of our annual hosting package and is a free service.  We can also set up email forwarding on all these extensions and redirect the emails to your primary email address.


Promote Offline as well as Online

When promoting a business its important to use all avenues.  Promotion Offline is just as important as promotion Online.  Offline Promotion is promoting in-store, newspapers, flier promotions and all other forms of promotion excluding the internet.  

Promotion Offline goes hand in hand with Online and both are equally important.  We have years of experience in Offline promotion as well as Online promotion and are available to advise you make the right choices.


What type of Domains can I register?

Below you will see a list of all the domain extensions we register on a regular basis.  Please note that prices differ from extension to extension along with the minimum registration period.    Also some domain names from country specific extensions have a strict criteria and there is no refund if a domain name is not accepted by the registry for whatever reason.  This is because we are charged for the domain cost prior to the domain name being assessed by the registry.  Before you order a domain name please contact us in advance so we can go through the criteria to ensure you do not have any problems in registration.

Type Period Cost Domain use
.ie 1 Year €40 Ireland's domain extension - strict qualification criteria applies.
.com 1 Year €20 Perfect for all international uses.
.co.uk 2 Years €40 Perfect for all UK uses.
.org.uk 2 Years €20 Often used by not-for-profit organisations.
.me.uk 2 Years €20 Ideal for individuals.
.ltd.uk 2 Years TBA For UK limited companies - domain name must match registered company name.
.plc.uk 2 Years TBA For UK public limited companies - domain name must match registered company name.
.eu 1 Year €40 Relatively new so availability is often better. Available for anyone operating out of Europe.
.org 1 Year €20 Often used by international, not-for-profit organisations.
.net 1 Year €20 Used as a worldwide domain for multiple brands linked from one website, or where .com is not available.
.info 2 years €20 Increasingly popular alternative to .com.
.biz 2 years €20 Often used as an alternative to .com especially for businesses.
.tv 2 Year €80 Used by television programmes and companies.
.mobi 2 Years €60 Designed specifically for the delivery of web content and services to mobile devices.


Questions about Domain Registrations
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